Human experience at the center of your business communications.

An entire new dimension of VoIP telephony, video and collaboration in the cloud.

Bring your organization into Flow by empowering your employees, delighting your customers and optimizing your operations with our human-centric business communications platform that extends your existing  applications.

Get your customers into flow.

Building long-term relationships by exceeding business communication expectations

Get your employees into flow.

Empowered employees at work, relaxed and energized at home

Get your operations into flow.

Optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive business growth


Human-centric business communications.

At Commflow, it’s our mission to provide organizations best-in-class business communication tools that seamlessly extend the existing collaboration and business application platforms creating a better work environment, where employees can deliver exquisite customer service while keeping control of their work-life balance. We understand that many companies talk about putting people at the center of their operations, but struggle to provide the tools to make it a reality. That’s why we are committed to deliver solutions that not only enhance productivity and communication but also support a healthy work-life balance and meaningful connections with colleagues, customers and the private network.
Best -in-class products
Long-term relation
Great customer experience

Discover how we can bring your business communications into Flow.

Insurance brokers.

Empowering employees and delivering a delighting customer service

Small & Medium Businesses.

Winning the war on talent when customer expectations and operational costs are continuously increasing

Corporate & Enterprise organizations.

Technology is changing the world faster than ever, but people will keep making the difference

Discover how we can bring your business communications into Flow.

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Creating human-centric interactions between people is at the heart of our operations, so no need to fear too “salesy” interactions.

Happy clients.

Pieter-Jan Uytterhaegen
Pieter-Jan Uytterhaegen

Owner Garage Manu

During the installation next to telephony also other malfunctions such as network and internet problems were resolved. Reliable partner who does not make empty promises’

Els Van Hees
Els Van Hees

Owner Van Hees Bank & Insurance

At Commflow they always think along with their customers. Top service!

Sven Van Wonterghem
Sven Van Wonterghem


As an insurance broker, personal contact and good service are values my team strives for on a daily basis. I expect the same from our suppliers and that is the least we can say about Commflow. They are a true partner with a very personal and impeccable customer service.

Claudia Nulens
Claudia Nulens

Owner Nulens Zakenkantoor

Thank you for all the great care. We are super happy with the switch to CommFlow. If potential clients ask for a reference, you can always refer them to us!

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