Get your employees into flow.

Empowered employees at work, relaxed and energized at home

We live in challenging times. A huge war for talent is raging with many organizations looking for skilled and motivated employees. While experienced seniors are leaving the workplace year after year, the new entering young talent has different expectations towards their employer and their workplace. They need to have the flexibility to decide on the location they work from, when it suits them, with the device they prefer and collaborate via the channels they choose, preferably with the same frictionless experience from their tools at work as they experience in their private lives.

Get into Flow with Commflow.

Let your employees decide when they can be reached through which device

  • set manually or fully automated based on their calendar
  • making sure when they are off work, they are not disturbed (but can always connect via their preferred medium when they want)

Work with multiple employees on the same queues

  • Spreading the workload between multiple colleagues
  • Based on the required skills

Extend your existing applications

  • Communication can be done from within their preferred applications (internal and external)
  • Inbound flows contain all necessary customer information added to the call from existing applications like i.e. Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft D365, Teams, etc.

Many more employee-centric features

Discover them by getting into Flow

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