We extend your existing BRIO application from Portima with Human-Centric Business Communications by integrating it.
The next level of VoIP in the Cloud proven for many years in the Nordics.

Bringing human-centric business communications into the insurance world.

Fully informed even before you start the conversation

With an inbound call Flow automatically looks up the caller’s phone number in BRIO. The name of the customer who is calling you appears in a small popup window on your device. Just clicking in the popup window will get you automatically into the customer file in BRIO while you take the call.

Seamless outbound calling from within BRIO

If you wish to call a customer, simply click on the fixed or mobile phone number in BRIO and Flow dials the number immediately. A few moments later you can interact flawlessly with your customer, even switch to video conferencing, share your screen, send information via chat, etc.


Let's get into Flow!

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