Production companies.

Empower Communication Excellence at Production Organizations with Flow: Smoother Connections, High Flexibility and Optimized costs while attracting more Talent

Typical communication challenges at production companies.

In the discrete as well as process manufacturing industry, companies face multiple communication related challenges, including managing diverse communication platforms that lack seamless interconnectivity. Knowledge workers, often called white collars, mainly use desktops and tools like Microsoft Teams, while factory communication relies on fixed phones and DECT numbers. This can be a closed-loop system within individual factory sites, complicating communication for employees commuting between different sites.

Speedy communication is vital at production companies due to rising customer expectations, requiring seamless office-factory connectivity. Companies also deal with cost pressures, and traditional phone contracts aren’t suitable for businesses with fluctuating production needs. Adaptability and flexibility are highly valued. Additionally, attracting new talent is a challenge, necessitating an environment that promotes work-life balance, even when employees are provided with employer-provided mobile phones.

Addressing these UCaaS challenges is a strategic necessity for production companies aiming to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry where quality and speed at low cost is key.

Interconnected communication platform.

Flow provides a unified platform that seamlessly integrates multiple communication and collaboration tools. It eradicates the silos between office and factory floor, fostering a holistic and interconnected ecosystem where knowledge workers and factory employees can effortlessly communicate and collaborate, regardless of location or device.

One app experience across your devices

The Flow (softphone) App is available on all your devices (PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones). Also most existing fixed phones can be integrated into the Flow set-up

Bring your Microsoft Teams to the next level

When your organization has already installed MS Teams or another collaboration platform you can easily extend this with Flow. Don’t switch between apps. Integrate instead.

Sync your presence, contacts, calendar and more for a complete communication solution.

Improve your company communication – internally between colleagues, and externally with customers. By integrating your telephony solution with your collaboration platform, you’ll get access to all the essential tools in one place.

Two-way Presence Sync means your availability is synchronised on each platform. In a meeting? Automatically opt out of support queues. On a call? Your Microsoft Teams status updates accordingly. Telavox and Teams work together seamlessly.

Most important added value:

  • Call all of your Outlook contacts – internal or external
  • Presence sync
  • Get notified of incoming calls in Teams
  • Decide which number to show
  • Speed of communications.

    Flow empowers manufacturing companies to respond swiftly to customer demands. With its comprehensive suite of communication tools, including voice, video, messaging, and conferencing, businesses can ensure rapid and efficient responses, meeting the ever-increasing expectations of their customers.

    Smarter routing and advanced programmability

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and skill-based routing intelligently pairs the customer with the right agent. Saving time, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity. Automated custom flows for call handling where you can i.e. route a call from a VIP customer immediately to the dedicated Account manager.

    Video conferencing without installations

    Professional meetings through sound and video with multiple parties at different locations. Any device,  any time, any place. External participants do not need to install special software locally – they can join straight from their browser.

    Seamless integration with most CRM systems

    Integration with your CRM system enables automatic pop-up of required caller info like name, interaction history, special statuses and all required info to create an experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations. Your entire team gets access to an overview of each customer and their history (when security allows his off course). This means you can offer more personal and trust-worthy support, even when multiple agents are involved throughout the customer journey. Also after the call interaction information can automatically be integrated into the CRM system.

    Find out here with which CRM systems Flow is seamlessly integrated.

    Cost efficiency and flexibility.

    Flow’s subscription-based model eliminates the need for costly hardware and maintenance. Companies can effortlessly scale their communication and collaboration needs up or down based on production demands, saving costs and ensuring that resources are allocated optimally, especially during seasonal fluctuations.

    Customized call volumes

    We study your calling pattern and offer you the most-fitting call volume. Smooth up- or downscale-able. Very easy and transparent.

    Low maintenance and userfriendly.

    Flow is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal maintenance. This lightens the burden on IT resources, enabling them to focus on more strategic initiatives. Additionally, Flow offers an intuitive and flexible user interface, enhancing user satisfaction and adoption.

    Easy management & optimized costs - one integrated platform for fixed numbers and PBX

    No need to manage multiple suppliers for your fixe phone numbers and fixed telephonie (PBX) any more. Your contract can be managed in one platform resulting in admin time gain & benefits of scale.

    Attracting New Workforce.

    Flow plays a pivotal role in making manufacturing companies attractive employers. It aligns with the modern workforce’s expectations for work-life balance by allowing employees to disconnect from work when needed, even when provided with employer-provided mobile phones. This flexibility and respect for work-life balance enhance the organization’s appeal to prospective talent.

    Automated work status changes

    Automatically synchronize your contacts and calendar from Outlook. This enables automated status switches. In example when you are visiting customers you do not wish to receive calls and these are automatically transferred to colleagues or to your voicemail. Also when you are not at work, you can choose to not be disturbed, even on your company-paid smartphone and number. Easily adapt statuses at the click of a button on any device from everywhere.

    And a lot more.

    Experience more Flow functionalities

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    Some of our references.


    Ramen en deuren

    By using CommFlow's Flow app for our telephony, we can much better follow up on the many calls on our after-sales and site management service. In the app, we now clearly see which customer still needs to be called back and followed up.


    We want to be accessible to our customers. That’s why the cloud PBX is great, so we can take turns taking calls. The queue function and the welcome message function are also great. The statistics tool, where we can see how many people called in, missed calls, and so on, is also very useful. These key figures will be valuable when we get the business going.

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