Get your operations into flow.

Optimize operations, reduce risk, and drive business growth

We live in challenging times. Operational margins are continuously under pressure due to increasing costs of labor, energy, raw materials, supply, etc. Today investments that don’t deliver ROI within one year often are postponed and don’t get this year’s budget cycle. Often IT departments need to do more with the same or even less.

Get into Flow with Commflow.

All your voice communication needs in one place (phone, mobile and PBX)

  • One platform to support
  • Any device, any platform

Easy Integrations: Streamline workflows and enhance third-party platforms by connecting them with CommFlow

  • CRM systems
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Extensive App directory

Easy Administration: We make it easy to DIY. Manage your workflows, user profiles and licenses quickly and easily

  • Reassign licenses: Assign licenses to new colleagues. Remove them from those who’ve moved on. Quick. Simple
  • Easy oversight: Keep track of unused licenses. No waste. No problem.

Flexible pricing and contract: A system that grows with your business. Add, remove, or transfer licenses whenever you want. Simple admin. Low cost. No fuss.

  • 24/7 support
  • Customer Success Managers

Service and Support: CommFlow helps you succeed. All the advice and support you need, whenever you need it.

  • Simple PBX admin: Setup a new PBX in hours not weeks. Modular building blocks makes it easy for admins to create, change and delete PBX services themselves, reducing the need for experts.
  • Easy user onboarding
  • Self-service admin portal: Manage users, licenses, costs, and security through one interface.
  • Less admin: Build templates for standard user settings. Reset passwords and buy new telephone numbers – all in just a few clicks.
  • Better control: Role-based access puts control in the hands of the right people. Limit mistakes by locking user settings. Reduce your burden by delegating responsibility of specific worksites to sub-admins.
  • Smarter invoicing: Invoices for individual users or worksites. Move users, services, or products between cost centers for clearer cost control. Easily view and cancel unused licenses, see data consumed, calls made, and messages sent.

Many more operations-centric features

Discover them by getting into Flow

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